When you refer dropshipping sellers to partner with us, we will share the profit 1% with you automatically!

Simply refer 10 dropshipping sellers to open an account with us using your personalized affiliate link, and if they place an order of $1,000 per month with CJ, you get $10 dollars for every $1,000 of revenue they placed with us.

You will continue to get a payout of 1% of the revenue we make from your referrals for a whole year.

There are UNLIMITED payout potential by being an affiliate for CJ Dropshipping. Please refer to the sample below to see how you can scale and earn more with examples below.

  • 1. Bare Minimum Example
  • 2. Realistic Example
  • 3. Fantastic Example

1. Bare Minimum Example

Joe referred 10 dropshipper sellers to partner with CJ dropshipping, and each dropshipping seller Joe referred placed $1,000 of orders each month with us. Below will be his payout terms:

Payout terms

When Joe reach the 10th dropshipping seller account, we will send you a check for $300 on the 15th or the end of the month depending on the date you have met the requirement.

2. Realistic Example

In reality though, average dropshipping sellers who can survive in the game place on an average of at least $1,000 DAILY orders with us, and you are able to earn a good chunk of change by just referring them to us and earn cash while you sleep. The example below hasn't taken into consideration that the seller's online store is growing.

$1,000 daily order * 30 days = $30,000 Revenue per month

Payout terms

You get $3000 per month by just referring quality dropshippers to us. Afterward the cash will automatically be deposited into your account without you having to lift a finger!

3. Fantastic Example

Dropshipping is very popular retail method right now, and seriously many people are really getting good at the game. Dropshippers who are in the median of the industry usually places a daily average order of $10,000 with us. If that's the case, the payout will be substantial, see below:

$10,000 daily order * 30 days = $300,000 Revenue per month

You get 30,000 per month by just referring quality dropshippers to us. After that, cash will automatically be deposited into your account, and we take care of all the customer service, the quoting, the customer complaints, the logistics, and all the after sale hassels!

Payout terms

There's no limit the the amount of payout you can get or the number of dropshippers you can refer.

Register and join our affiliate program today and start earning money while you sleep!